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The Springs Resort & Spa La Fortuna Costa Rica

from/per person $90.00
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Five stars place…where all the minerals of the Arenal Volcano are reunited!

Our freeform, landscaped pools provide our guests with great views of the volcano and a multitude of options.  Our Arenal hot springs with temperatures ranging from 83 ˚F to 103˚F and environments that vary from raging waterfalls to tranquil forest experiences our guests can find the perfect pool for their mood and the current weather conditions.

Our hot springs come from underground water that is heated by volcanic vents and forced upwards toward the surface passing through mineral deposits and gases which dissolve in the water.  The minerals, salts and bicarbonates precipitate from a dissolved state as the water cools and it is exposed to oxygen in the air from our waterfalls.  The volcanic activity along with the ambient temperature and rain play a large factor in how fast the minerals precipitate and you may see changes in water clarity from one hour to the next.  If you want to soak in water with high levels of precipitated minerals you would choose the cloudier pools.   The clearer pools still have minerals but they remain in a dissolved state.

  •  Entrance with Dinner ( since 10am-10pm) and free entrance the next day. $90.00 per person
  • The second day not includes meals, only the entrance. ( please keep the wristband)