What Is Arenal Vacations?

Arenal Vacations is a company with a strong vision in the quality of the service, strengthened with the warmth of the same. We understand that the client must feel comfy and safe, once it approaches us and we have focused on that. We are a company with a high vision and that seeks to satisfy even the highest demands of service required by our customers. Our prices will be the same price if you will book it directly, so you will get a Free incredible service From our vacation planner.


Why us?

  • More than 15 years of experience, which allows us to know better the operation for a traveler like you and thus to help you in the best way …
  • Best ideas,
  • Customized vacations
  • We are experts in La Fortuna-Arenal zone
  • Best destinations
  • Very reasonable prices.
  • We are available for all your needs 24/7
  • We adapt to any budget
  • And because your perfect trip is our mission.


Arenal Vacations arose from an interesting vision, based on family projects.
The tourism industry is capable of capturing the lives of those who live in it and for this reason; analyzing all the time that we were left as a family and with a long-standing foundation of my wife and I; we decided to start our own company and use in it all our acquired knowledge.


Our vision is to strive to be the best travel adviser of each of our clients.
Conquer your itinerary, developing the best holiday plan, hand in hand with the most competitive prices on the market, without affecting the excellent quality of the product and service.


Our mission is to be more than a travel agency and transport and become an excellent friend and travel adviser of each of our clients.
A company where our travelers find the quality and warmth they seek once they leave their country and arrive at an unknown destination … that they can feel safe and pampered, at the moment that Arenal Vacations comes into action.



My name is Alvaro.

I am the founder of this incredible company.

Sometimes I’m also the one driving your transport …

Thanks to my good experience in this industry, I can offer you a high quality service and make you feel comfortable and safe.

I will always give you the best recommendation on routes and strategic points to visit.

My idea is that you have a pleasant trip and also, a wonderful stay in our country.


My name is Marielos.

I am the co-founder of Arenal Vacations, along with my husband, who is Alvaro.

I am also the one behind most of your emails and attending to each of your queries. Always ensuring that you feel comfortable with the care we provide. I am the one who helps you select the best ideas for your trip and in this way you can enjoy a lovely vacation.

Please let me know all your questions, it will be a pleasure to assist you.